Our experience runs from the cutting room to the factory floor - from direct sales of industrial sewing equipment, parts and supplies - to wholesale distribution to dealers here and around the world, which gives us a very large and diverse resource base. 

We can offer our customers both genuine and several levels of price and quality on thousands of generic parts (Hirose, Nissin, Koban, Towa, Suisei, Cerliani, etc.) and supplies. 

Our first recommendation is always for quality - in the long run it will save you both time and money.

Customers First

NorthStar will always consider your best interests first - as ultimately, it is in our best interest as well. The only way that we can remain successful is by assisting you - our customer, to remain successful. This has been our philosophy throughout our professional lives, long before the “partners” buzzword was coined - and it has always served us and our customers well. 

Always feel free to call us about anything that might come up - if we don’t have the answer we will get it for you - or know someone that can.
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